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Tir Faoi Thoinn

Conlan O'Conghaile is no ordinary boy. Descended from the mysterious seal woman, he is the official messenger of Mananndn Mac Lir, the King of the Sea and the people of Tir faoi Thoinn. When Mananndn decides that he would like to see the annual Galway Arts Festival Parade, Conlan is thrown into a hair-raising adventure involving a cynical Mayor, a beautiful Claddagh girl, a sea witch on a half cockle shell, mermaids and a very grumpy crab!

Only the old sea legends told to Conlan by*his grandfather can help the boy fit the pieces together and decide the fate of Mananndn and the people of Tir faoi Thoinn

But Queenie is more worried about Lowry's hair. It flows down his back.

It gets into the soup -- it's EVERYWHERE. What must the neighbours think?

Seamus, the Widow's son, doesn't think about it at all.

But soon he has to - and now he too has a big secret to keep!

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