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Mise Agus An Dragún

Shortlisted CBI Book Of The Year 2013

Shortlisted Irish Language

Book of The Year 2013

Delightful illustrations frame this Irish Language story ...

this book from the established Galway

publisher is well worth investing in.

-The Sunday Business Post

Both the illustrations and Teddy's imagination are beautiful.

-The Irish Times

A beautiful story with excellent illustrations,

for children between 5-7 years old.

- Inis Childrens Magazine

"Nuair a bheidh mise mór rachaidh mé ag seilg dragúin". Tá béirín beag ag smaoineamh faoin lá a mbeidh sé ina bhéar mór misniúil, gan faitíos air roimh rud ar bith. Ach faoi láthair, cuireann rudaí go leor faitíos air…​

Little bear wants to hunt a dragon!

He has the expertise and the necessary tools. 
So long as there are no scary dark forests or smoke from the dragon's fire, little Bear is confident he will catch a dragon! But when he embarks on a daring quest,deep into the land of imagination, the little bear discovers just how brave he can be.

also published in French, Breton, Korean, Thai, Afrikaans

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